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The Company

Da Mo Artistic Production & Management is an arts management company based in Guangzhou, China, providing services in concert production, artist management and touring activities. Founded in 2015, the agency has quickly gained the leading position in the field of performing arts of the country.

Operating in China means encountering numerous and diversified challenges that one might never imagine in the West. Swiftly adjusting strategy to accommodate new laws and regulations is crucial. Our team is competent and always ready to help artists from around the world conquer China's newly built venues, explore its booming market, and experience its unique culture.

Our team is dynamic, modern, flexible and adventurous. We are always open to work with more artists, ensembles, performing arts companies, concert promoters, and of course, agencies, in order to achieve our goal :

To share the beauty of performing arts by bridging the East and the West.


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